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BBQ Islands is your leading online resource for information about bbq islands and outdoor grills and outdoor kitchens.

Whether you are researching for your first bbq island purchase, or just looking around for photos of outside bbq grills and  outdoor kitchens, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve made it easy to access all the information you’ll need to decide on everything from building your own bbq grill island, to buying bbq island kits and construction materials for building islands outdoor (including smaller bbq carts).

BBQIslands.org has 10 specific sections to address all your bbq island needs:

BBQ Islands FAQ:

In this section, we discuss the basics of bbq islands…including what they are, what you need to know before installing one, and what you should expect when you decide to purchase a bbq island. You’ll find information about propane gas grills, charcoal grills, and wood burning bbq islands.

BBQ Islands DIY:

Are you planning on building a backyard BBQ Island? We’ve gathered all the tips and tricks for a successful construction project…one that you’ll be pleased with and that will truly increase the value of your home, lasting many years and providing optimal grilling enjoyment.

You’ll get answers to your questions about using a stainless steel table top vs. granite or tile table top grills. Have a question about installing side burners or fire pits or door drawer combo units?

Want to know how to prep your yard for outdoor wood burning fireplaces or outdoor gas fireplaces? …this is the section where you can get all your DIY construction answers for BBQ Islands.

BBQ Islands Photo Gallery:

Looking for inspiration as you design your own bbq islands grills outdoor?

Want to see just how other grill masters have setup their own poolside grills or patio heaters for maximum efficiency?

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Islands on Patio

You’ll find great photos of bbq islands and outdoor kitchens that you can use for easy reference for your own project.

BBQ Island Kits:

Want to save some cash while still creating a great outdoor bbq island? Our BBQ Islands kits section is here to help you save thousands of dollars in construction costs and the hassle of trying to design your own custom bbq islands.

You can find hundreds of kits in this section including designs for outdoor fireplaces and outdoor gas grills from respected outdoor kitchen suppliers.

You’ll get just the look you want, without paying the high price for a custom outdoor kitchen electric grills and wood fired bbq islands!

Custom BBQ Islands:

Are you ready to install a custom bbq island near your pool or in your backyard?

You’ll learn just what you need to know here…from selecting a custom outdoor grill contractor, and knowing how much your project should cost…to planning and prepping your yard for the big project, we’ve got you covered in our custom bbq island section.

BBQ Island Accessories:

Whether you need a bbq island cover, or are looking for some new burners for your backyard grill, you can find all the outdoor kitchen accessories you need in the bbq island accessories section of BBQIslands.org.

You’ll find reviews for all kinds of backyard bbq tools, barbeque storage and refrigeration supplies, and bbq cooking appliances.

Grilling Steaks Over Side Burner Flames

Where To Buy BBQ Islands?

We’ve researched dozens of top quality bbq island companies and will bring you an honest review of what bbq islands they have to offer, what barbecue supplies you can buy, and what you should plan to spend with them when you decide to purchase your very own bbq island built for your outdoor grilling.

In addition to bbq islands, these contractors also specialize in building fire pits, island refrigerators, bbq smokers, portable outdoor kitchen entertainment units, and electrical patio heaters and outdoor kitchen lighting.

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